Monday, May 31, 2010

The Beach!!?

So we went to Lake Michigan and it was a blast. It reminds me so much of Yuba, I can't wait to get back and go. Mase has never been there and he loved this place, so I know he'll love yuba. The only down part was we didn't have a boat to play on. But the beach was enough, we had a little BBQ with lots of snacks. Ha ha funny story so we had cookies there. Ya I ate atleast 6, but RANDI lets just say loved them. ha ha so when we were sitting there eating some she was downing them and John turned to her and asked her if she knew the cookies weren't potato chips ha ha we laughed forever, it was so funny. This is our new Sunday spot, we loved it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday SIS!

Today is Kresha's birthday and I just wanted to wish her a very happy birthday! And to let you know your the best sister ever Have such a good day! I love yoU!

Monday, May 24, 2010

WHite SoXs***

So Sunday is our only day Mason isn't knocking doors, so thats the day we go and play. This sunday we decided to go to the White Soxs game with Randi and John. It was so much fun except it was so so hot. It was 90 degrees but with the humidity it was really hot. On most date nights we hang out with Randi and John, we all have so much fun together. When we first got to the game, they were handing out white sox jerseys to all the little kids at the ball park. Well sense we didn't have a little kid with us, they didn't hand us one. So Randi went and told the guy her kid was upstairs so they gave her one. So mason tried the same and it didn't work. So I was so sad I didn't get one so we went to another enterence and Guess who got a jersey ha ha ha Heck ya! Were Loving Chicago!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chicago! OUR NEW Puppy!

Call me crazy!!! I don't really like dogs, so let's hope I fall in Love with him!! We got a NEW PUPPY! His name is Chicago! We love him for now ha ha even know right after I took this pic. he pee'd on the carpet! ha ha but i still love him!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


SO we live under the stairs!! I kinda like it I feel more safe tucked behind!!!

Mason Broke the Chair, first time sitting on it ha ha OOPS!

The Kitchen I know HUGE HUH! ha ha but atleast we have lights in the kitchen!! The rest of the house, yep only 2 lamps ha ha it gets dark outside, I'm so happy Mase gets home at dark!!

Our living room, Yeah I was to lazy to move the ball!

This is outside our window, I actually love it here! It's so green and beautiful I love it! Tree's are everywhere. Oh and the malls HEAVEN! They are huge I love it!

So, Everyone knows me and knows I'm a mess! Everywhere I go I leave a mess! Well just so everyone knows I did all of this and it has stayed clean. I'm getting better! But Mase made an agreement with me. HE CLEANS THE BATHROOM!

Our First time grocery shopping! Its so fun being on our own and being able to do things like this, I love it!

So I thought I was gonna die moving out here, I was so sad. The thought of it made me cry. Now I love it, sometimes it can be lonely cuz mase is gone all day, but most the time I hang out with the wives and I love it! They all are so cool and Jess is awesome and always getting everyone together! So needless to say she is my life savor. Even though it's really fun I miss everyone at home. I still talk to the family everyday Addie and my Mom 5 times a day. Linds called today which was way good to hear from her, love her to death! But we miss everyone and Love you guys!!! Can't wait for the baby to come so I can see all you guys!


We PAided @ dollars to hold the Iguana ha ha!

Our taxi!!

The View

Formal NIght

TheY folded animal Towels every night!

Laying out!!! (Ash don't be jealous)

On our way to the ship!

So Mason is so cute he decided to surprise me! He didn't tell me where we were going on our honeymoon so of course everyday I would try and get it out of him. I honestly had no idea where we were going because he said I didn't need a pass port. If I needed a Passport then I knew it was Mexico. So I had no Idea. It turned out mexico it was we just went on a cruise and I loveeeeeeeeeeed it! I love ya babes!!!