Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Update on whats going on with the Casper Family.
Mason Recently joined the UVU golf team and I couldn't be happier. Everyone always asked him why he didn't play for a collage, he would always tell them he has never wanted too. I knew that if he didn't play he would regret it forever. Once I told him that he agreed with me and got cleared through the clearing house to play. Luckily Coach Curran was awesome to work with and put mase on half way through the season. Well a week before his first collage tournament Mase won the tournament and then a week after that ended up winning the whole golf collage tournament, which rarely happens for most people in their first collage tournament; if it even happends at all. So Mase is doing awesome and I couldn't be happier for him. On top of practicing golf every day mason attends school full time and works with my uncle doing wood work. Which we couldn't be more grateful for him always working around mason school, he has helped us out more than he knows. Thanks Shawn!
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As for me, I'm still watching my sister kids. I have the best job in the world, and love her kids more than anything. I'm also teaching dance at Center Stage and am loving that also. I recently choreographed Addie a solo, and i just have to say she is unbelievable it amazes me that talent she has at the age of 7! She is defiantly someone you need to watch for, cause she is going places. Love you ADD's! WE DON'T HAVE HER SOLO RECORDED, WHEN WE DO ILL POST IT!