Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Best Family and Friend ever!

I've had the best 2 weeks in Chicago!! First off Shelby flew out to see me. It was so great having her come out and spending time with her, we had an absolute blast! We mostly shopped and just explored the city! We were going to go get our palms read out here but we ended up not having time. It was definately right timing when she came out because I was starting to get home sick again. I love you Smelbs your the best!!
Then my family came out, it was so so so much fun! I loved having everyone out there and seeing them. I've missed them so much and seeing the baby! We all had so much We went to the Cubs game! They played the Cardinals, they are huge rivals so it was such a fun game! Then we went down to Navy pier and Ate at Bubba Gumbs, so yummy! We also did a Boat tour, it was so cool. It makes you look at the city completely different the architexture is amazing and the history behing it was so cool. We also caught a WHite sox's game! It was so fun. It funny how different the games were from the Cubs to the white soxs game! WHile my Family was down here it was MASONS BIRTHDAY!!! Yay is 23 now.... My parents, masons parent,shay, ash, aaron, and Kresha,and I all went in on mason's dream watch. Ha he has wanted a Nixon so so long. It was so fun seeing his face when he got it. He was so happy. Later that day we all went to this restraunt called Wild Fire, the best steak house ever. It was so yummy, then later that NIght we went to a white Sox's game....I hope Mason had a good birthday, I Love him so much and he is so amazing, he definately deserved it. It was hard having everyone leave...I'm so ready to come home! 23 MORE DAYS...YAY CAN'T WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A little something for the girls!

Today Shelby And I went into the city and went to the American Doll store. I wish so bad they had one in Utah so I could take the little girls...they would be in heaven!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

So every year my family goes to Yuba and camps out there. They play on the boat, have a yummy food. Its so much fun! Well this year we had to miss out! It sucks but we had a lot of fun! We went and layed out by the pool for most of the day. Then went over to the Herifords and helped make Cafe rio salads (All they have is Chipotle out here, no Cafe Rio, sad) But we had dinner with same of the married couples and played games...Puck and I dominated at mafia, had to through that is there. ha then we all went and watch fireworks...Chicago was so scared the whole night!! Were having so much fun out here and Miss everyone so much! We love you all and hope you had a fun day!! By the way best cup cake recipe ever down a little bit, seriously the best cupcakes and so so easy to make! Jess your the best! Oh also Mason and Dane thought it would be fun to double up on the long board......not the brightest idea they have had all day! OUCH...