Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun Things....!

This sunday Mason took me golfing, It was so much fun and I did really good....well Mason at least has to tell me that. On the first two holes I shot 4 over on each hole...Which I didn't think was to bad But when I woke but in the morning, I was so sore all over! The next day they had an incentive with mason's work! They threw $300 dollars into the pool; then the boys all dived in and gathered as much Money as the could. It was so funny to watch and run around handing mason his cup! In the end he ended up with $40 Dollars. Not to bad, Love you babes you did awesome!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Saturday Night...

Here is Some pictures of last night...First off I'm addicted to skipo so I make Mase play every single day. We also Love lost it is the best t.v show, we can't get enough of it! So last night after Dinner we stayed in and played my favorite game and watched Lost...and Also I got my bag I've wanted for a while...I absolutely love it! Mase is the best I love him so so much...Only 3 More weeks, Yay